Safe Instagram
growth, done by hand,
not bots!

Authentically grow your Instagram,
the right way.
We keep your account fully compliant with Instagram by manually growing your account. No more bots, software
or fake followers.

  • No software
  • No automated interactions
  • A real human will manually grow your account
  • Stop using bots or buying fake followers
  • 100% safe + organic growth

Excellent service!

Honestly, I never thought I’d sign up to a service like this but I heard a lot of hype about this one and I’m blown away by how easy it is to grow your business like this!


About Us

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How it works!

We have a team of real people who will sign into your Instagram account on a mobile phone and manually interact with real, relevant Instagram users on your behalf.

We get to know your
niche and audience.

You tell us about your account, your niche, and your competitors, and we'll personally analyze the best accounts to target their followers.

We engage with your
target audience.

From your account, your personal growth manager will manually engage with your target audience (profiles similar to yours).

Gain real, targeted
followers each month.

Since we are engaging with accounts similar to yours, a % of people will follow you back each month.

What is Manual Growth?

Instagram has recently banned the use of bots and automation software to grow your account. Our service is 100% compliant with Instagram’s terms of service because we do not use software or automaton to grow your account. Our activity is no different than how you use Instagram normally. Manual growth means a real human is logged into a real mobile phone, making human decisions on who we engage with just like you would! Every other provider in the market is still using banned software putting your account at risk. Work with a legitimate provider like Follow Keeper!

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What Is An Instagram Loop Giveaway?

Harness the power of our influencer network to grow your page with guaranteed growth: +100 to +100,000 new followers.We partner with some of the biggest celebs and influencers to drive traffic to your page. Where else can you get someone like Kylie Jenner driving traffic to your page? Spots are limited – please book a call today.Clients can expect anywhere from 1000+ to 100k+ followers within a 1-5 business days based on the package you choose. Upcoming giveaways will take place each month & spots are limited. Book a call today.

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Is this safe for my account?

Yes! Our service is 100% Instagram compliant because we grow your account the same way you would yourself, if you had the time. We also strictly follow all Instagram guidelines when it comes to engaging with your audience. Our service is operated 100% by humans, without the help of bots or software which are banned by Instagram. Unlike most companies using restricted tools, we invest in real people to interact with your audience.


5000 happy clients and counting….

Follow Keeper Client

I’ve been in the fitness business for 10 years and outside of being great at what you do, Instagram is imperative to running a successful client-based business. Before hiring Follow Keeper, I hit a brick wall when it came to client acquisition on Instagram. Sure, I picked up a client here and there, but since joining this agency, I have been able to consistently sign up at least 5 clients a month. If you do the math, that adds up! Highly recommended especially if you have a lot of ‘questions.’


Follow Keeper Client

After using 3 other services I am so happy I finally found Follow Keeper. Sure, other agencies can get you growth, but Follow Keeper is on another level because of the day to day attention you get from them. I have a personal blog that has blown up, but my Instagram following was terrible. I’m great at writing, but not connecting with others online. Follow Keeper not only customized a growth plan based on the audience I want but went above and beyond by helping with some of my content so it would align with my audience. I’ve since signed on with them for the next year. Thanks FP!


Follow Keeper Client

Follow Keeper is a game changer! I’m a very busy real estate agent in Beverly Hills. Their agency has effectively grown my Instagram with local Los Angeles residents and when I asked them to expand to New York they crushed it! They will be the first to tell you that it’s very hard to sell products on Instagram. They are a no BS agency, but I’m happy to say one of their leads turned out to purchase a high-end home. That sale alone paid for their service for years. If you are serious about working with a real team you can actually talk to hire them now! Shout out to my personal account rep Mike!




I was worried I would get fake or overseas followers but I can clearly see a majority of those following me through this service are really genuine and relevant to my brand! Amazing!


Excellent service!

Honestly, I never thought I’d sign up to a service like this but I heard a lot of hype about this one and I’m blown away by how easy it is to grow your business like this!


Thanks to FollowKeeper!

If it wasn’t for FollowKeeper my account wouldn’t be growing at all. This is the best thing out there for Instagram Growth as far as I know, and I sure did my research!


Pleasantly surprised thus far!

I didn’t think this would work but I was so desperate to find a solution because my Instagram really wasn’t getting anywhere. Pleasantly surprised thus far! It has only been 3 weeks but I’m already noticing some growth which seems to be climbing!


Finally that works!

FINALLYYYYY something that works!!


This is the best essential business tool!

A friend of mine kept telling me to sign up to FK & I’m so glad I did, I’m never going back this is the best essential business tool to reach new potential clients!


Why Us?


Targeted Growth


Real People,
Not bot Followers

US Based
Los Angeles, CA


Discount Pricing

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Have Questions?
We have answers.
  • Have you previously worked with another growth agency?
  • Have you had problems growing your account in the past?
  • Has your Instagram account ever been blocked?
  • Are you new to growing your Instagram?
  • Do you understand how all agencies grow accounts?
  • Do you want to see if we are the real deal?
  • Maximum growth
  • 100% growth by hand
  • Dedicated growth manager
  • Instagram compliant
  • No fake followers
  • Personal onboarding
  • High priority support
  • Advanced targeting
  • Custom Analytics

Billed Monthly

$249 $50 discount applied!


Frequently Asked

Got questions? Great. We’ve got answers.

Absolutely. We are an Instagram compliant agency and have never had an account banned, ever. Account safety is our top priority because without our clients we do not have a business! We are careful to always play within Instagram's rules. Anything else simply isn’t worth it.

If you have any questions about account safety please click the chat in the right-hand corner or text +1 (310) 881-8895

Yes! Our agency is fully operational even after Instagram’s recent updates. We are the best at what we do because we have invested a lot of resources into staying ahead of Instagram's changes. Instagram growth is a moving target and we are constantly adjusting our process. If you would like to find out more about the recent updates, please use the right-hand corner or text +1 (310) 881-8895

How much time do you have? In short…


We do not use software or bots, only a real human following your target audience.
We are real people who do not hide behind our website. You will have full access to our team every day.
We reinvest profits into our team and growth solution.
We can fix accounts that previous agencies got blocked.
We produce better results than any other agency.
We are US based and do not outsource our work.
We are more safety conscious than any of our competitors.
We do not provide you with fake followers or fake likes.
We are beyond passionate about Instagram and, most importantly, our clients.

Users must first see your account to be able to make an organic decision to follow your account. 


  • Our team will work with you to define your ideal target audience and then figure out where they exist on Instagram.



  • From your account, a dedicated growth specialist will engage with your target audience by manually following their accounts to get their attention via Instagram notifications. Think of this as a friendly tap on the shoulder to let them know you exist. Once your target audience gets a notification that you followed them a percentage will visit your account, check out your content, and make an organic decision to follow your account based on what they see.


  • Your specialist then will then unfollow all of the accounts we have engaged with and repeat the cycle 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.


Instagram growth is done by hand. No software or bots.  


Most agencies growing your account with follow & unfollow, likes, and/or comments perform these actions using software or what some would call a ‘bot.’ Each action was carefully automated using software (not a human). While this worked great for years, a massive Instagram update in 2019 essentially banned the use of software automation to carry out follow and unfollows from your account. 

Software detection by Instagram is now leading to account blocks which can come in the form of not allowing you to post, follow or unfollow.  If your account cannot continuously follow and unfollow your growth will be very slow and you will become increasingly frustrated.


Simply put, manual growth means a real human being logs into your account from a real mobile phone, locates your target audience, and performs each interaction manually without the use of any bots, software or automation. Our activity is NO different than how you use Instagram normally and 100% compliant with Instagram’s policies.

Instagram allows us to follow up to 6000 accounts per month. A % of those users will make a real decision to follow your account based on the content they see. If your account is in good standing with Instagram, our users average +250 to +1000 new followers a month. Please keep in mind these are just averages. We cannot guarantee the growth you will get due to factors out of our control like your niche and quality of content. Keep in mind that if you come to us with an account less than 500 followers it will take extra time to grow your account. 

We understand that once you pay for any service, you are eager to see instant results, but we MUST work within Instagram’s Terms and Conditions to keep your account safe. This means we have to start off very slow to keep your account looking natural. As long as your account is in good standing with Instagram you can expect to see positive changes to your account within the first two weeks, sometimes right away.

100%! These are real, human followers who actually engage with your account because we engage with them first. They are making an organic decision to follow your account. 

No contracts. No bs. We hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel your account all you need to do is text your growth specialist 3 business days before your subscription re-bills.

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