Why am I seeing no growth or losing followers if you are working on my account?

At times you may perceive your number of followers going down whilst using our services and this is can be due to “natural follower loss.” For example, in one month our service may add 500 new followers to your account, but at the same time you may organically (or not) lose 510 followers. Although we did our job, you visibly didn’t see the growth because of natural follower loss.

Natural follower loss is completely normal. This is just part of Instagram and the process of growing your account. Not everyone is going to love your content forever 🙂

Natural follower loss can also be due to IG constantly deleting fake, inactive and spam accounts. This applies especially for account who have bought fake followers and big accounts.

If you see a follower loss simply reach out to customer support so we can identify if there is a growth problem or natural follower loss.