What If I Don’t Like The Followers You Are Getting Me?

Remember, Instagram growth is never perfect and this includes how we find your ideal audience and who that ideal audience is. We will almost certainly adjust our audience outreach strategy one or many times during your time with us. If you ever need to change your audience targeting, simply send an email or text to your growth specialist. It’s as easy as that!

Sometimes clients get frustrated because they feel targeting is off, but fail to remember that this is the exact reason they hired an agency. You came to us to define, find, and target an audience most likely to engage with your content organically. If you don’t like the people we find, you might not understand who your content is geared for and will need to adjust as necessary.

It’s really important you understand how targeting works so we can work together on engaging with your audience. Here is a message from the team about how we find your ideal audience: