How Do You Grow My Instagram Account?

Growth is somewhat simple. Users must first see your account to be able to make an organic decision to follow your account.

We use targeted engagement to drive organic followers back to your account. Simply put, from your account we go out and follow your target audience. When we follow your target audience  they get notification on their smartphones. Instagram users are always checking out who is following them which will lead them back to your account. If they are interested in your content they will follow you back! Our strategy will work for any type of account around the world. Out of all the methods we have ever used, ‘follow/unfollow’ method is still the only cost-effective, scalable method that guarantees results.

Our Process

  • Our team will work with you to define your ideal target audience and then find them on Instagram.


  • We will engage with your target audience by following their accounts to get their attention via Instagram notifications. Think of this as a friendly tap on the shoulder to let them know you exist. Once your target audience gets the notification, a percentage will come to your account, check out your content, and make an organic decision to follow your account based on what they see.


  • Our team will then unfollow all of the accounts we have engaged with and repeat the cycle 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

Here is a video that takes a deeper look into how we grow your account Instagram’s new

follow/unfollow limits: