Instagram Aesthetics Trending in 2020

Instagram Aesthetics Trending in 2020

We hear a lot about filters vs. no filters, the infamous “grid,” and branding on Instagram profiles. All of these things (and more) file under the umbrella of Instagram aesthetics. Like most things in the world of social media, trends play a role here. In 2020, certain Instagram aesthetics are trending. Curious about what they are or how they may be relevant to your Instagram strategy? Read more to learn what’s trending in 2020.

Using the grid to tell a story

Some people will go so far as to say your Instagram grid becomes your homepage. Many people are looking at Instagram profiles to really learn about a brand or company — so much so that they may not even look at the homepage. In 2020, grids are doing more than just supplying pretty photos. They’re telling stories. Make sure yours is doing the job and really educating people on your brand and what you’re all about.

The non-edited look

Filters come and go — we’ve seen them all, from deep blue saturation to black and white images. What’s hot in 2020? The non-edited look. This is the real, raw, fully captured image you’re starting to see on content creators’ profiles. This year, we’ve seen a surge of realism on social media platforms, and that carries over into the aesthetic.


Do you stop your scroll when you see a post about someone crying? So does everyone else! It’s a thumb-stopping attention grabber. Vulnerability is another player in 2020’s Instagram trends, as more and more content creators are getting real with their followers. This means less picture perfect and more real. We’re seeing messy bedrooms, red eyes and ruined plans… and we love it because that’s… well, real.

User-generated content

In the marketing world, you’ll hear a lot about UGC — that is, user-generated content. UGC is a burgeoning virtue for companies who have direct communication with their consumers because it’s a quick, easy way to connect in a way that guarantees engagement.

Playful imagery

Another stray from the carefully curated aesthetic is playful imagery. Content creators and influencers are getting creative with their content, from emojis to typography and wild color palettes. Why? It’s eye-catching, it’s unique and it’s a form of self-expression. Who wants to look like everyone else when they can be different?


It seems like the introduction of carousels was a game-changer for Instagram users of all kinds. “Why post one picture when you can post more?” is an underlying sentiment that content lovers are really starting to embrace. The great thing about Instagram carousels is that they allow you to really dive into storytelling with your profile. As grids begin to incorporate more carousels into their theme, the aesthetic also shifts — with more and more frames showing the carousel icon in the top right corner.

Color coordination

We’re seeing lots of Instagram grids embracing the “brand” element of social media. That means typography, colors and logos being incorporated into posts so that folks can really recognize a company by their grid. With so many social media managing platforms that easily allow you to curate a color scheme, it’s easy to coordinate colors while also keeping it real with the overall grid aesthetic.

Feeling inspired? So are we! Instagram aesthetics are constantly changing and taking on new characters as we continue to evolve the way content is seen. Stay in the loop on these trends (more to come from us on our blog!) and always stay true to your brand. Good luck!

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