What’s The Difference Between Automated And Manual Growth?

This is perhaps the most important distinction that everyone should know. Let’s take a look at the two:


Most agencies growing your account with follows and unfollows, likes, and/or comments perform these actions using software or what some would call a ‘bot.’ Each action was carefully automated using software (not a human). This used to work and many people saw low-cost, high-reward results. In 2019, Instagram’s algorithm change essentially rendered this strategy pointless and detrimental.

Instagram’s software detection has become incredibly sophisticated and detected software on an account is one of the leading causes of action blocks. If you get caught using software, you might be limited in following, commenting, unfollowing, and more, which is detrimental to growth.

Manual Growth

Simply put, manual growth means a real human being logs into your account from a real mobile phone, locates your target audience, and performs each interaction manually without the use of any bots, software or automation. While this takes more work and energy, it’s 100% compliant with Instagram policies and will be for the foreseeable future. If done right, Instagram can’t tell if it’s you or a growth team managing an account and the results speak for themselves. We run a clean, tight operation, and keep our clients’ account safety a top priority in everything we do.