What Is An Instagram Trust Score?

Your Trust Score is essentially like a credit rating for Instagram accounts. The higher your Trust Score, the more that you can do, such as follow 200 people per day, etc. The lower the score, then the less you can do, and Instagram will limit how many follows, unfollows, likes, comments, and DMs you can send per day. 

Instagram watches every single action ever performed on your account since you created it. Depending on the quality of these actions, the account Trust Score might go up or down. If your account has ever been spammy, has had software attached to it, has been grown using software from a previous Instagram growth agency, or you have bought followers, your account is almost guaranteed to have a low trust score.

It’s fixable, but it takes a long period of time to earn back Instagram’s trust. For this reason, you need to have the right expectations going into our new partnership. We can get you results, but they’re not going to happen overnight if we can’t follow 200 people per day because of an action block.