How Do You Find My Ideal Audience On Instagram?

Targeting and engaging with your target audience is an evolving strategy that requires research, experimentation, and trial and error on our part. It’s crucial you understand how targeting works so we can work together to engage with your audience. 

Here is a message from our team about how we find your ideal audience:  

Remember, Instagram growth is never perfect and this includes how we find your ideal audience. Finding and engaging with your audience is a shifting strategy and even as we see results and scale, we’ll still need to adjust to ensure we’re gaining followers efficiently.

In a broad sense, how we find your target audience is by looking at large accounts in your niche. For example, if you’re interested in attracting motorcycle enthusiasts, we’d go to a well-known motorcycle fan page and go through their followers. There’s a good chance that many of them are your ideal followers. 

This is where human work outshines automation. A computer can’t tell which followers are actual fans and which might be just following the account for other reasons. We’ll analyze individual user profiles and determine if they’d be a good fit. Not every follow will result in a follow back, but through this technique, we’ve had great success with our clients.